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Science Kombat

An international hit, which has gone viral in countries like the USA, Japan and France, Science Kombat is a tribute to vintage fighting games and the world's greatest philosophers. The newsagme had its game design, editing and coordination played by Glück Media professionals.



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This game based on journalistic information brings together 8 scientists who have changed the world, with important scenarios for its history (Galapagos Island in Darwin's case, for example, or Cambridge Botanic Garden in Newton's case) and "specials" that summarize his main theories (Newton's theory of gravity, Hawking's wormhole, Marie Curie's discovery of Radio, etc.). All with the sound and look of old school games.

Original idea, game design, writing and executive production: Fred Di Giacomo and Otavio Cohen
Arts, Animations and Game Design: Diego Sanches
Development: André Cabral, Cheny Schmeling and Murillo Lopes
Edition: Karin Hueck
Art Direction: Abraham Corazza
Interface: Daniel Ito and Juliana Moreira
Soundtrack and effects: Juliana Moreira

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