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Speaking and interviews

In recent years, Fred Di Giacomo and Karin Hueck have been invited to give lectures and workshops (especially on digital content, innovation and creativity) in places such as Sorbonne Université, Campus Party, Université Paris Nanterre, Social Media Week and dozens of Brazilian universities.

Among the topics covered in the lectures are journalism for magazines, digital infographics, serious games, social networks, text editing and innovation. They also gave a series of interviews (including for international vehicles) about multimedia storytelling.

Interested in hiring lectures and workshops on multimedia storytelling? Send an email to :-D

Campus Party, 2013. Digital Infographics

Interview about the book "Canções para ninar adultos"

Selected interviews:


Selected talks:

*2019: Printemps Littéraire, Sorbonne, France

* 2019: The new Brazilian prose, A Livraria, Berlin
* 2019:  Writing workshop, University of Nantérre, France
*2016: Multimedia Storytelling, Social Media Week, Brazil
* 2013: Infographics in the Digital Age, Campus Party, Brazil
* 2013: "Newsgames and Infographics", FAAP Graduate, Brazil
* 2009: "Digital Journalism", Journalism Week of UFSC, Brazil

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