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O rapto da vaca sagrada
Vaca Sagrada: ebook

The Holy Cow Kidnapping

Interactive and Educational Ebook, 2018

"The Holy Cow Kidnapping" is an educational and interactive ebook commissioned by CENPEC that can be browsed via mobile devices running Android and iOS systems. It helps literate children who change consonants. Its narrative includes small games, sounds and animations that make up a children's book and a pedagogical tool.


An Indian detective embarks on a trip to find the sacred cow. The path leading to the discovery of its whereabouts includes a set of interactive activities related to the Portuguese language. How to help an Indian detective crack some codes in Portuguese to finally return the sacred cow to his people? Had she been sent to Brazil?

In this interactive e-book, students in the literacy phase are invited to interact with letters and words on the screen to address a very important and common question in this literacy period: the consonant exchange in word constitution and the identification of these letters, by the children, from their sound.






E-book Technical Coordination: Fred Di Giacomo and José Alves

Pedagogical Advisory: Maria Alice Junqueira and Sonia Madi

Content Advisory: Gabriel Priolli

Technical Team (Technology Center in Education): Adriana Vieira and Fernanda Ribeiro
Art: Alisson Lima
Sound Design: Juliana Moreira
Editing and Text: Fred Di Giacomo and José Alves
Narration: José Alves
Art Direction: Alexandre Nacari
Programming: Pedro Cavalcanti





Coordenação ​T​écnica do ​E​-book: Fred Di Giacomo ​e José Alves

Assessoria ​Pedagógica: Maria Alice Junqueira e Sonia Madi

​Assessoria de Conteúdo: Gabriel Priolli

Equipe ​Técnica (Núcleo Tecnologia na Educação): Adriana Vieira e Fernanda Ribeiro
Arte: Alisson Lima
Sound Design: Juliana Moreira
Edição e ​Texto: Fred Di Giacomo e José Alves
Locução: José Alves
Edição de Arte e ​D​esign: Alexandre Nacari
Programação: Pedro Cavalca​nti

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