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Parallel to our work with branded content, journalism and nonfiction content, we have been involved in the creation of fiction in recent years. These works include books, videos and games. Here we highlight the latest example:


"Helplessness" is the story of Brazilian pioneer Rita Telma seeking to avenge her father's ghost. It is the bloody biography of the city of Desamparo. It is a countryside epic about the roots of Brazil. And it is Fred Di Giacomo's first novel.

Based on extensive journalistic research, "Desamparo/Helplessness" uses magical realism to portray the violent colonization of the west of São Paulo's state, combining history and fiction in a book awarded with the São Paulo City Book Publishing Notice and recommended in reviews and articles from Brazilian main newspapers such as Estadão, Valor Econômico e O Globo among other publications. To promote "Helplessness" I was invited to participate in the festival "Printemps Littéraire Brésilien" in which I attended the French universities of Sorbonne, Lille and Nanterre. The book was also released in the city of Berlin, Germany.

















"One of the best novels of recent times", Alfredo Monte, "A Tribuna".

"Di Giacomo blends traditional historical narration with magical realism and Western movies references , moving skillfully from one genre to another , "O Globo"

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