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DatavViz and infographics

Brasil em números
In the "Brazil in Numbers" project, the 2010 Census data became a series of 11 infographics that created a portrait of Brazil. Each animation addressed a subject (education, sports, etc.) and made comparisons between and made comparisons between Brazil's present and past.

This animated series won silver medal at the prestigious SPD (Society of Publication Designers) award.

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Edition: Frederico Di Giacomo, Fabio Sasaki, Kleyson Barbosa, Mariana Nadai - Screenplay: Gabriela Portilho - Animation: Leonardo Gallep - Art Edition: Daniel Apolinario - Sound: Juliana Moreira - Programming: Lucas Andrade - Infographics: Fábio Bosquê, Multi / SP and Bruno Nogueira (art) Fabio Sasaki, Fabio Volpe, Giovana Suzin, Mariana Bomfim, Paulo Zocchi, Thereza Venturolli (text)





Mundo Mar
Mundo Mar was an infographic originally developed for the print edition of Superinteressante's magazine with the participation of big names in Brazilian infographics such as Luiz Iria, Gabriel Gianordoli and Karin Hueck. He did an x-ray from the depths of the ocean.

The digital version of the infographic earned merit in the prestigious SPD design award, which takes place in New York.

Unfortunately Editora Abril withdrew the info, but a good soul posted this video with its navigation on Youtube.

Infographic: Karin Hueck, Otavio Cohen, Gabriel Gianordoli, Fabiane Zambon, Luiz Iria and Marcelo Garcia.
Digital version: Lucas Otsuka, Juliana Moreira, Daniel Apolinario, Fred Di Giacomo and Otavio Cohen

República imigrante do Brasil

"Immigrant Republic of Brazil" is a great multimedia report that tells the history of immigration in Brazil through infographics, data visualization and videos.


"Immigrant Republic of Brazil" was a SPD 2013 finalist.  Initially conceived as an infographic for the print version of Superinteressante's magazine, "Immigrant Republic of Brazil" turned out to be a large multimedia report with data on immigrants who arrived in Brazil since 1890 and a video documentary showing who are the immigrants live in the country today.

Edition: Frederico Di Giacomo, Karin Hueck Report and text: Otavio Cohen, Itamar Cardin Art edition: Daniel Apolinario Design: Juliana Moreira and Rafael Quick Illustration: Diogo Blanco, Daniel Apolinario and Fabricio Lopes Video: Fabio Nascimento Development: Cheny Schmeling

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