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Ilustração: Guilherme Henrique

Ajinomoto + Galileu

branded content + reportage + infographics


Between 2017 and 2018, the Japanese food and biotechnology company Ajinomoto offered sponsorship to Énois content agency to produce reports involving amino acids. The idea of ​​the company (main producer of amino acids) was to popularize and demystify the term.

To this end, Énois developed several public interest stories and negotiated its publication in magazines and websites of great audience such as Mundo Estranho (Ed. Abril) and Galileo (Ed. Globo).


That's where Glück Media came in. Fred Di Giacomo was invited to edit and coordinate two of these reports. One about "What are our body's chemical reactions when we suffer hate attacks on the internet" and the other a "Dossier: Aging".

Inspired by his long experience at Editora Abril with data visualization, he suggested that the stories should be designed to make the themes more attractive and that it was possible to transform the technical and complex details into an accessible and "pop" language.

For these works, in addition to editing, Fred wrote, sketched the infographics and collaborated with desktop research.

Ilustração: Fido

Credits: "The Effects of Hate"

Editing and Coordination: Fred Di Giacomo
Illustrations: Fido
Report: Vinicius Cordeiro
Design: Feu & May Tanferri

Credits: "Aging Files"
Editing and Coordination: Fred Di Giacomo
Report: Giacomo Vicenzo
Illustrations: Guilherme Henrique
Design: João Pedro Brito

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